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                      Advanced materials for semiconductor

                      Hengkun is dedicated to provide high-performance photoresist, special electronic gases and other advanced electronic chemical materials for semiconductor and IC companies. Hengkun’s professional team is able to provide customers with nearby service and customized product development.
                      • Photoresist
                        The applications of photoresist include integrated circuit (IC), semiconductor discrete devices, liquid crystal display (LCD), touch plate, advanced packaging, LED, MEMS and so on. According to the function of the product, Hengkun's lithography-related products include non-photosensitive photoresist, photosensitive photoresist, polyimide, thinner, rinse and so on.
                      • Special Gas
                        Special Gas
                        The special gases in semiconductor manufacturing mainly include various kinds of doping gases, epitaxial gases, ion implantation gases, etch gases and other inert gases widely used in various process equipments.
                      • Precursor
                        Precursor is the main raw material of semiconductor thin film deposition process. It is widely used in semiconductor manufacturing process. It is a kind of substance that carries a target element, presents in a gaseous or volatile liquid state, has chemical thermal stability as well as corresponding reactivity or physical properties.The Company's precursor products can be used for PVD, CVD and ALD at the front or back end to form various thin film layers that meet semiconductor manufacturing requirements.  
                      • Bulk Chemical
                        Bulk Chemical
                        Bulk chemicals, also known as generic chemicals, are fine chemical materials for the production of semiconductor components. They are characterized by many varieties, high quality, small dosage and demanding purity. The cost of it only accounts for about 10%-20% of the cost of the terminal products, but is crucial to the performance of electronic products.